Medics Australia
Sports Medics, First Aid Officers, & Paramedics 

​Sporting Fixtures, Community or Cultural Events, & the Work Place

We guarantee Clinical Excellence, Operational Reliability, & Administrative Efficiency

We care about your Duty of Care

Medics Australia delivers and guarantees Clinical Excellence, Operational Reliability and Administrative Efficiency to all our clients by staffing qualified Sports Medics, First Aid Officers, or Paramedics to single events or for longer contracts.


We provide all first aid consumables, clinical equipment and medical room furniture. 


If you are the organiser of a sporting fixture, a community event, a cultural production or celebration, or if you are in the work place, you will have a responsibility and a duty of care towards other people.

The qualified, uniformed, and insured Medics assigned by Medics Australia will reduce your exposure to risk and accept responsibility to treat and manage injuries or sickness. 

Sporting Fixtures

Organisers of sporting fixtures, from junior and school or community based events, to the elite or representative level can all rely on qualified staff from Medics Australia.

Our Sports Medics provide cover to athletes, officials, spectators and everyone at your event.

Community or Cultural Events

Whether it be a professional theatrical production, a Local Government celebration, a community carnival, a corporate event, or a fund raiser, Medics Australia place qualified staff at community or cultural events to provide first aid and pre hospital care to the sick and injured.

Work Place

Medics Australia places qualified staff to manage and treat injuries or sickness at the work place to include first aid and pre-hospital or trauma care, from first response through to working with the company doctor on staff return-to-work programs.