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Do not hire untrained or unqualified Medical staff

13 Dec 2018 20:07 By Medics Australia

As trained and qualified Sports Medics we ensure that sports people of all ages, and at all levels of expertise or skill, have access  to professional and reliable First Aid during sports fixtures and training so that injuries are immediately treated.

 We are fully insured and all Medics have appropriate certifications and qualifications; all our people also provide sophisticated Medical Kits and clinical equipment.  

We are very concerned that clubs, schools, parents, and athletes are frequently mislead into believing that unqualified people are able to provide Sports First Aid.

We are hearing of many unqualified and uninsured people with little or no training or clinical education, calling themselves 'a physiotherapist' or 'the team physio'. 

Why does the Australian Physiotherapist Association do NOTHING about this widespread practice?

Its illegal to misrepresent yourself as a Medical Professional. 

 Why do some schools and sporting organisations perpetuate this practice by telling players and parents they have 'a Physio' on duty when they do not? 

And, most disgracefully, why do Registered Physiotherapists place unqualified people at sporting events, allegedly to provide cover, when they are poorly equipped, untrained, and responsible for no more than issuing 'referrals' to get the absolute maximum number of people from the sports fixture into the Physiotherapist's clinic?