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23 Nov 2018 19:42 By Medics Australia

Look out for unqualified and uninsured First Aid Officers

A message from our CEO, Chris Conway........................

If I hear of one more unqualified, uninsured, unregistered person with little or no training or clinical education, call themselves 'a physiotherapist' or 'the team physio' I swear I will do something dramatic. 

Why does the Australian Physiotherapist Association do NOTHING about this widespread practice?

Its illegal to misrepresent yourself as a Medical Professional. 

Why do sporting organisations perpetuate this practice? 

And, most disgracefully, why do Registered Physiotherapists place unqualified people at sporting events and claim they are qualified to deliver first response First Aid,

when their function is no more than to generate patients to visit the Physiotherapy clinic with a 'referral' in their hand?

This is a Heading